Featured Review Threads

Alias from the beginning,
by coke & comics


Atari Force, by shaxper


The Complete Batman: 1979 thru 2011,
by shaxper


Captain America in the Marvel Age,
by The Captain


The Annotated
Savage Sword of Conan

by Roquefort Raider


Before Savage Sword of Conan: Conan the Barbarian starring in Savage Tales,

by Roquefort Raider


After Savage Sword of Conan: Conan the Savage,

by Roquefort Raider


The CCF Guide to DC's
Earth Two (1961-1975)

by Cei-U!


The CCF Guide to
Earth Two, Part Deux (1976-?)
, by Cei-U!


Fourth World reviews: Return of the New Gods & Mister Miracle,

by codystarbuck


Matt Wagner's Grendel: The Life and Death of Hunter Rose,
by Bronze Age Brian


Hellboy from the Beginning,

by thwhtguardian


A Grey Area -- Incredible Hulk #324-378


Justice League, in the Post-Crisis Era,

by shaxper


Killraven in the Bronze Age,

by shaxper


The 5YL Legion of Superheroes,
by Pharozonk


Magnus Robot Fighter,
by Era

by shaxper


Master of Kung Fu
from the beginning

by shaxper


The Metamorphosis Odyssey and Beyond,

by shaxper


They Came From Inner Space: Micronauts,

by mrp and Trevor


Nick Fury in the Silver Age,

by shaxper


Planet of the Apes
from the Beginning

by shaxper


Punisher v. 2 ('87-'95); Punisher War Journal v. 1 ('88-'95),

by sabongero


Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX (2003-2008),

by crazyoldhermit


Amazing Spider-Man from the Beginning,

by crazyoldhermit


Star Wars at Marvel (1977-1986),

by Confessor


Star Wars: The Dailies,

by thwhtguardian


Peter David's Supergirl,

by sunofdarkchild


The Complete Bronze Age Superman,

by Scott Harris


Superman in the Post Crisis Era,

by shaxper


Teen Titans from the beginning,

by shaxper


Thunder Agents at Tower Comics,

by shaxper


The Adventures of Tintin,

by Confessor


Of Rabbits and Ronin:
Usagi Yojimbo

by coke & comics


A Guide to Wizard, The Guide to Comics,
by shaxper


The Great Wonder Woman Readathon: Post Crisis,
by Scott Harris


X-Men from the beginning,

by wildfire2099


The X-Men film franchise,

by shaxper


1st Issue Special, the reviews,

by codystarbuck



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Writer/Artist Spotlights

The Graphic Novels of
Will Eisner

by shaxper


Doug Moench from the beginning,

by shaxper




Broad Focus Threads

From the Sorcerer's Scroll: Sword and Sorcery,

by mrp


Classic Tales of Romance!

by Crimebuster


The Marvel Age of Comics from the beginning,

by Robert the Unconquered


Slam Bradley Reads The Marvel Universe,

by Slam Bradley


Wildfire Reads Silver Age DC,

by Wildfire2099


The Rookies of '90s Marvel

by coke & comics


The Other Guys-Non-DC & Marvel Reviews

by codystarbuck


The Deadline Doom/fill-in review thread

by Icctrombone


The Series Overview thread


The Classic Comics Forum Podcast!


The Classic Comics Forum Podcast,
Episode 15: Cap's Kooky Quartet (with Hoosier X)



In the first of this two part discussion of the Cap's Kooky Quartet era of Avengers by Stan Lee and Don Heck, Scott and Hoosier X take a look at Avengers #16-19.


Check it out!




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